Welcome to Environment and Coffee Forest Forum (ECFF)!


The Environment and Coffee Forest Forum (ECFF) is an Ethiopian Resident Charity registered and Licensed on November 5, 2009 by the Charities and Societies Agency of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (Registration No. 0378) in accordance with the Charities and Societies Proclamation No. 521/2009.

Initially, ECFF was established on November 9, 2005 as per the Ethiopian penal Code No. 404 issued in 1960 (Registration No. 2396). The Charity was established by a group of professionals, prominent individuals, scholars, and community leaders, in order to strengthen and promote networking among different institutions and organizations involved in the conservation and use of forest resources in Ethiopia.

ECFF focuses on developing strategies for sustainable use and conservation of the environment in general, and the coffee forests in particular, through thematic research on conservation planning, education and pilot implementation of the research finings.