Welcome to Environment and Coffee Forest Forum (ECFF)!

  1. Create a network and a joint discussion forum of governmental and non-governmental organizations engaged in the conservation and use of forest resources, to exchanges information and share experiences with the endeavor of developing a common approach for sustainable use of forest resources;
  2. Develop a management plan for sustainable production of forest coffee and other non-timber forest products, and publicize, so that such management also contributes to the conservation of biodiversity;
  3. Carryout research, support those engaged in research and provide professional advisory services on sustainable forest use and conservation of biodiversity;
  4. Develop criteria and standards which fulfill the sustainability of the production of different forest products, by taking into consideration the Ethiopian and international conditions;
  5. Evaluate forest coffee and other non-timber forest products production practices based on the developed standards, and issue certificates freely for those fulfilling the standard;
  6. Advocate the need for community participation in forest resources utilization and conservation of biodiversity in different fora, organize fora for such discussions, and develop innovative ideas for the success of such effort and avail to the relevant stakeholders;
  7. Publish materials dealing with forest resource utilization and management, as well as the conservation of biodiversity, and disseminate such materials to different target groups;
  8. Give training and awareness creating education to the public, governmental and non-governmental organizations regarding forest resources utilization and management, as well as the conservation of biodiversity;
  9. Conduct feasibility studies of REDD+ and other payment for ecosystem services (PES) schemes, and prepare the PIN and PDD for promising projects.