Current Projects

ECFF current projects

Currently, ECFF is starting implementing five quite similar and relevant projects in Yayu and other forested landscapes, in partnership with many national and international organizations. These include

  1. Advancing Conservation, Agriculture and Livelihoods in Oromia which is implemented in Jimma zone with Digital Green Foundation. The goal of the project is reducing deforestation, forest degradation and biodiversity loss, while improving livelihoods of the forest-dependent smallholder farmers, including women and young people, in the two target woredas of the Belete Gera forest landscape, Jimma zone.
  2. Agroforestry for People, Peace and Prosperity in Southern Ethiopia’s Coffee Growing Region, which is implemented in West Guji and Gedeo zones, in partnership with Environment, Forest and Climate Change Commission, Korea Forest Service and other partners. The main objective is to increase coffee quality and incomes through ecosystem restoration, infrastructure development, agronomy training as well as fair trade and innovative financing (e.g. crowd funding).
  3. FUTURES – My Forest, My Livelihood, My Family, which implemented in three woredas of the Yayu Coffee Forest biosphere reserve, in partnership with CARE Ethiopia. The main goal of the project is to strengthen families, forests and livelihoods in southwest Ethiopia for sustainable futures through the provision of tools and platform for long-term development.
  4. Empowering communities – coffee as a model for ecosystem-friendly regional development, in partnership with the Nature and Biodiversity Union (NABU) and to be implemented in four woredas of the Yayu Coffee Forest Biosphere Reserve. The project aims: is to contribute to realization of the Yayu forest coffee region as a socially and ecologically sustainable model coffee region in which the balance between development and nature conservation is maintained and practiced.
  5. Horn of Africa Environmental Sustainability and Resilience (HoA-ESR)-Kafta-Shiraro-Gash-Setit Landscape, in partnership with the Horn of Africa Regional Environment Centre & Network (hOAREC/N) of Addis Ababa University, to be implemented in a trans-boundary protected areas landscape in Kafta-ShiraroTigray that borders with Gash-Setit in Eritrea. The overall goal is to enhance environmental sustainability and resilience through research, knowledge-based policy and development as a pathway to promoting sustainable natural resources management, conservation of biodiversity and regional integration, peace and stability in the Horn countries