This project is implemented in two countries: Ethiopia and Ghana. The case study site in Ethiopia is Yayu Coffee Forest Biosphere Reserve. The overall aim of our project is to identify development strategies for forest-agriculture ecosystems in Ghana and Ethiopia that can alleviate poverty within ecosystem limits.

  • This research project is the first of its kind in NPP and terrestrial carbon stock studies in Africa. It deal with ecological and socio-economic entities, the ecological studies include measurements of NPP (Net Primary Productivity), carbon stock and biodiversity assessment (plants, insects and birds), soil nutrients, coffee flower, yield and quality, litter fall, coarse woody debris, pollinators and phonological studies.
  • The project has also established 2 large 10 micro climate measurement stations at high, medium and low altitudes to capture the variations. Besides, 44 small data loggers were installed to measure micro-climatic data within plots at different altitude and the data are being downloaded.
  • Analysis are undergoing
  • Four manuscripts are prepared

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