Organization Structure

Board: ECFF is Board-led local civil society organization, established in 2005, and re-register as per the new Civil Society Organizations proclamation of 2019 (Proclamation 1113/2019) in 2019. The highest decision making body is the Board of Directors. It has nine board members, including a chairman, deputy chairman and secretary. The board is currently chaired by Dr. Abera Deressa, who was formerly State Minister of Agriculture. The board meets every three months and makes decisions on strategic issues, and provides guidance to the management of the organization. The board has many high level decision making roles.  Currently ECFF have 25 staffs based in Addis Ababa head quarter office and project site offices).


 The day-to-day activities of ECFF and operations of its program and projects are implemented by its management and other required staff. The management of the organization includes its Executive Director, Administration and Finance Manager and Program Coordinator. The organization different experts and support staff for its operation. It also works with senior associate researchers from other institutions as well as independent researchers. The current Executive Director is Dr. Tadesse Woldemariam Gole. He has over 25 years’ experience research, education and management, with broad expertise like natural resources management, forestry, biodiversity conservation, climate/environmental finance, coffee, and climate change.