Launching workshop for thr project titled “Empowering Communities – Coffee as Model for Ecosystem-Friendly Regional Development (ECCoMoDe)” was held in Mettu for one day on April 03, 2021 in Illu Star International Hotel. The workshop participants were the relevant partners/representatives of the regional, zonal and woreda sectoral bodies (higher government officials) including community representatives from implementation woredas, representatives of development partners, Mettu University, Jimma Research sub-Center, Sor Geba Union, Private sectors, BRs representatives, and NGOs working in the areas that have roles in the management of the Biosphere Reserves. Following the zone project launching workshop Project familiarization at woreda level was conducted in the four project woredas namely Alge Sachi, Bilo Nopa, Yayu and Hurumu.

Figure: Program launching at Mettu Ilu Star International Hotel

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