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We are ECFF

The Environment and Coffee Forest Forum (ECFF), is a local Civil Society Organization registered and licenced in Ethiopia (registration No. 0378), and focuses on developing strategies for sustainable use and conservation of the environment in general, and the coffee forests in particular, through thematic research on conservation planning, education and pilot implmentation of research findings.

ECFF provides services including conservation planning, practical implmentation of scientifically proven concepts, environmental education and capacity building and climate change mitigation.



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To reverse degradation of natural environment, and support societies and government to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature, by conservation biodiversity, promoting sustainable and equitable use of renewable natural resources.


Healthy and prosperous society that values, conserves, and sustainably uses nature

Operational Areas

  • Oromia National Regional State

    Ilu Abbabor Zone

    • Humuru
    • AlgeSachi
    • Yayu
    • Doreni
    • Bilo Nopha
  • Oromia National Regional State

    Bouno Bedele Zone

    • Chora
  • Oromia National Regional State

    Jimma Zone

    • Gera
    • Shabe Sombo
  • Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Region

    West Guji and Gedeo

    • Gelana
    • Kochere
  • Oromia National Regional State


    • El-wey
    • Dillo
    • Dire
    • Mi’o
    • Dibulik
    • Yabello
    • Gomole
    • Arero
  • Gambella Peoples National Regional State

    Majang and Anywa

    • Godere
    • Mengeshi
    • Abobo
  • Oromia National Regional State

    North Shewa

    • Girrar
    • Jarso
    • Deberalibanos

How it all began

Our Story

Our Company was established by Ethiopian and German researcher working on CoCE Project (Conservation and Use of the Wild Populations of Coffea arabica in the Montane Rainforests of Ethiopia).

Our Company original name during the establishment was "Ethiopia Coffee Forest Forum". It was re-registered in 2009 as Resident Charity, with the name "Environment and Coffee Forest Forum", following the requirements of the 2009 Charities and Civil Societies Proclamation, with registry number 0378. ECFF was re-registered again on 03 July 2019 as Local Organisation in accordance the Civil Society Organizations Proclamation No 1113/2019, with the same registry number.

ECFF has four inter-related programs

Our Programs

Forest and biodiversity

focuses on forests, woodland, rangelands and other natural ecosystems, and implementation of research, conservation, and sustainable in these ecosystems.

Food and Agriculture

focuses on promotion agricultural practices that are environment and biodiversity friendly, based on ecological practices, and enable farmers increase production and productivity, as well as quality of food.

Climate Change and Disaster Risk

focuses on understanding the impacts of climate change and disaster risks on livelihoods and ecosystems, implementation of interventions that reduce risk and enhance resilience as well as mitigation.

Institutions and Capacity Development

focuses strengthening own and partners as well as community members capacity through continuous review and capacity development measures on areas that gaps exist.

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Promoting sustainable development that integrates development, conservation, indigenous knowledge-based innovations, and continuous learning for equitable and prosperous society.

Contact Info

Environment and Coffee Forest Forum, P.O.Box: 28513, Addis Ababa Ethiopia


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